Power Up Your Trello Productivity with “Board Velocity”

Blog post: https://activegrowth.com/trello-board-velocity/

Our third lesson in how to become a productivity badass with Trello.

Trello is a great (and free) productivtiy tool. BUT… it’s only as good as its user. You can easily use Trello and just be overwhelmed with too many tasks, too many boards, too many checklists and no idea what to do next.

Of all the things that can go wrong when using Trello (or other Kanban style systems) one of the most important is what I call “board velocity”. This is about the speed at which your cards move across the board.

Unless you are deliberate about choosing tasks and task sizes that optimize board velocity, you’ll never get the most out of the Trello app. So, if your goal is to get more things done and to feel more motivated while doing so, this video is for you!

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