El plugin Envira renueva su sistema de “Lightbox”

by Brenda Barron on Apr 26, 2018

The wait is over loyal Envira Gallery users. The new update is here! But what does that mean for you? Sit down, buckle up, and we’ll walk you through the new features you can expect.
What Does the new Lightbox Update Hold in Store?
This new Lightbox framework allows for easy loading and better control of Lightbox thumbnails by allowing for a toggle on/off button for your visitors. Giving your visitors more control means providing a better user experience.
The update also offers a better way of handling the styling for Lightbox thumbnails and performance…

He considerado relevante esta noticia porque el Plugin Envira se ofrece gratuitamente a los alumnos VIP de la academia.

Puedes ver el resto del contenido en el artículo original ” New Lightbox Released

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